Send recharge to Prepaid Landline ETECSA Cuba

Send recharge to Prepaid Landline ETECSA Cuba

Recharge Prepaid Landline ETECSA Cuba today and join millions of people who use Ding to connect with friends and family

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Nauta top-up is now available for Cuba.
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Cuban top-up.

Nauta top-up is now available for Cuba.
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Ding is delighted to announce a new service – prepaid recharge to Cuban landline phones. Supporting family and friends in Cuba could not be easier now!

Find out more about the terms of use of this service below:

Who can use this service?

Customers living abroad of Cuba can use to prepay residential national currency customers (MN) in Cuba. Only these Cuban receivers who are able to make domestic or international phone calls from landline and public phones using their personal accounts can avail of this service.

How to set up the service?

  • In order to set up the account, it is essential that a customer or their representative visits a commercial ETECSA’s office presenting their ID. Initial setting-up cost of 1.00CUC apply which will be used towards a customer’s account balance.
  • During a service set up, customers will be informed of the terms and conditions of the service. Customers will also be instructed how to use it: the account number (12 digits pin number) and the personal code (5 digits pin number) will be assigned.

Will the balance expire?

The first call should be made within the first month following a set-up of the service. During the subsequent 11 months customers will be able to recharge their accounts and use the balance on calls. Unless customers recharge their account within the 30 days following the 11 months, the balance will expire. During those 30 days customers won’t be able to make calls, they will only be able to recharge their accounts.

How to make a call?

In order to make calls, customers will have to dial 16307. Customers will need to have their unique account and pin numbers at hand and follow the call instructions.

What are the calling rates?

The current Cuban rates for domestic and international calls apply.

How to contact customer support?

For more information about the service, available balance, account status, unblocked account or any other query or suggestion please use the 24-hour free-call customer support service in Cuba at 164.


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