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Cubacel Mobile Data

Cell phone data has launched in Cuba! Give your loved ones internet access without the hassle of visiting a Wi-Fi hotspot through mobile recharge

Cuban top-up.

Nauta top-up is now available for Cuba.
Please select the product you would like to top-up.

Cuban top-up.

Nauta top-up is now available for Cuba.
Please select the product you would like to top-up.

Current Promotions for Cuba
We update promotions frequently to get you the best value on your top-up to Cuba

Triple Recharge

Triple Recharge

  • Send 20 CUC and get a Triple Recharge!
  • Send 20 CUC and get a Triple Recharge!
  • Your recharge will be sent on the 13th of July 2020

Bonus Included

terms apply


Promotion type: Triple Recharge
Operator: Cubacel Reserva tu Recarga
Date: Reserve your top-up until: 12th of July 2020
Minimum amount: 20 CUC
Bonus validity: The bonus will expire 30 days after the top-up has been received.


  • For every 20 CUC of recharge sent, we'll deliver a bonus of 40 CUC.
  • You can choose the amount to be recharged from 20 CUC and above. We indicate in each case the total amount of CUC that will be received (Balance + Bonus) is included in the offer.
  • Customers can reserve a Cubacel top-up from the 7th of July from 12:00 (Cuban Time) until the 12th of July 2020 at 23:59 (Cuban time).
  • Please note that until the 12th of July we will be reserving your recharge orders. All top-ups will be received in Cuba from the 13th of July at 00:01 hours (Cuba time). Due to the high volume of top-ups sent to Cubacel, it's possible the recharge will be delivered by the end of the 13th of July. We apologise for any inconvenience and ask you to wait until the 14th of July to contact us if the recharge has not been delivered. Thanks!
  • The bonus is valid for 30 days from its reception.
  • The purchase of this promotion extends the validity date of the previous promotional bonuses.
  • With the Main Balance you can access the 3G Internet of Cubacel by activating the Consumer Rate (0.10CUC / MB) or by purchasing Data Plans (7CUC = 600MB, 10CUC = 1GB, 20CUC = 2.5 GB and 30CUC = 4GB). The main balance can also be used to access the rest of the mobile services without limitations.
  • Associated with this promotion, a promotion will be made for international calls: From July 13-16, all prepaid customers who have CURRENT MONEY BONUS will be able to make international calls to any destination under a promotional rate, so a discount of 50% of the current rate. Once the money bonus balance is exhausted, international calls originating will be deducted from the main balance at the established normal rate.
  • When using the services of Cubacel, you first deduct the bonus and then the principal balance.
  • The bonus cannot be transferred to other Cubacel clients.
  • The top-up amount indicated on the recharge confirmation ticket does not show the bonus, although the phone will receive the promotional balance and a confirmation SMS.
  • From Cuba the Cubacel user must dial *222# to check the main balance received and *222*266# to check the additional bonus. Both consultations are free of cost.
  • For any questions from Cuba, contact Cubacel Customer Service at +5352642266.
  • We have 24/7 support available to help you during the reload process.

Why use Ding to Top-up Cubacel 3G

We are the worlds largest top-up platform, we deliver on more than just value.

Simplicity Delivered
Just tell us the number and the amount you would like to send and we will look after everything else
Reliability Delivered
We are directly connected to Etecsa so you can rely on us to deliver your top-up to Cuba safely.
Speed Delivered
Because we’re connected directly, your order will be delivered in as little as 3 seconds.

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Our Cuban Products

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Send recharge to Cubacel phones for fast and secure mobile data access. Once a Cubacel phone is topped-up, friends and family can use their recharge to purchase data plans for on-the-go internet access as well as for calls and texts. Don’t miss out on the most convenient way to keep Cuba connected!

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