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5 BIG changes to expect when moving to Dubai

5 BIG changes to expect when moving to Dubai

Moving to a new country is a huge life decision to make but adapting to the fast-paced lifestyle of Dubai is a truly unique experience.

Anyone who has ever lived here will tell you that things operate differently here and a good dose of culture shock is no stranger to many who relocate to this slick city.

But considering that 90% of the United Arab Emirates is made up of expats, you can rest assured that you are certainly not alone.

Here’s 5 changes you can expect following a move to Dubai:

The week is different

If you have relocated from the Western world, you may be a bit surprised to find that the week is slightly different in the UAE.

A typical working week actually operates from Sunday to Thursday to allow for Jumu’ah prayers every Friday.

So forget lazy Sundays and swap Saturday nights out for Saturday nights in.

Queuing for petrol is the norm

Most people use cars in Dubai and getting used to the roads here is a feat in itself.

An overload in cars is aided by the fact that petrol is cheaper here than in most places around the world.

But this doesn’t mean it is easy to access. No matter the time of the day, you can expect to queue for gas and this is not helped by the fact that petrol pumps are found in awkward locations (and are a bit of a rarity).

We’d recommend putting aside at least 30 mins to get the tank filled and make sure to never let your tank run too low!

It’s not necessary to leave the house

Seeing as Dubai is relatively small in size, anything you need can pretty much be delivered to your door in no time.

You can get food deliveries from anywhere (including groceries) as well as homewares and alcohol.

So if you don’t feel like facing the world, in Dubai you actually do not have to.

Rain will become a rarity

Forget about preparing for all weather eventualities like you would at home because there is pretty much only two weather options in Dubai and those are ‘hot’ and ‘not as hot.’

And seeing as it only rains four or five days out of the entire year, you can probably leave the umbrella at home.

People come and go

With such a larger proportion of Dubai’s occupants being from abroad, many people come and go from this bustling city.

So friends can be tricky to keep in Dubai. However, you can rest assured that you always have loved ones back home so make sure you stay connected with them.

You can top up a Du UAE phone from anywhere in the world using So go on and reconnect today.

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