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3 things you can only do in the United Arab Emirates

3 things you can only do in the United Arab Emirates

If you have ever lived in the United Arab Emirates, you will know that there is really no place on earth quite like it.

From the bustling streets of Abu Dhabi to the flashy grandeur of Dubai, spending time in this truly unique nation is something to behold.

You could go to the beach, but you can do that anywhere. Here are 3 things you can only do in the UAE:

Visit the tallest building in the world

Yep, you can take in the seductive sights of Dubai from the viewing deck of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

Built in 2009, this spectacular structure surpassed all others towers standing at an amazing 828 metres (that’s 200m higher than its counterpart, the Shanghai Tower).

With a hotel on its lower floors, a number of covetable apartments as well as two viewing decks and a fountain, it’s no wonder that visiting this sight is the top of many peoples’ to-do list.

Shop in the largest mall in the world

Malls in the UAE are for much more than just shopping.

Not only do they become a cool haven from the blistering heat of the summer months, but malls are just fun.

The Dubai Mall, which is the largest in the world in terms of square foot, has its own indoor aquarium, ice rink, cinema and theme park. Fun!

Visit an entertainment island

Yas island in Abu Dhabi was constructed for one reason and one reason only.

To entertain.

Whether you want to tackle the slides at Yas Waterworld or head over to the world class Formula 1 track for a race, there is no hope of ever being bored in this hub of fun.

From shopping to golfing to concerts, there really is something for everyone and anyone.

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