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3 things you probably LOVE if you are Tongan

3 things you probably love if you are Tongan

No matter whether you live in Tonga or have relocated to a far-flung corner of the world, if you are of Tongan descent then you will most certainly be aware of the special cultures and customs of home.

Tonga is a nation full of vibrant history and tradition which diaspora all over the world keep alive.

And if you love any of the below, then you are most certainly a proud Tongan:


One things Tongans know how to do well is eat.

And why shouldn’t they? Feasting brings together the entire community and with a number of delicacies to choose from, there is always something delicious to be demolished in a Tongan household.

Rugby Union

As the national sport of Tonga, it is safe to say most Tongans have a soft spot for this exhilarating sport.

And despite its small population, the Tongan rugby team has done very well for themselves having competed several times in the Rugby World Cup, most recently in 2015.

And even with its large diaspora living abroad around the world, many Tongans still take the time to show support for their men in red.


Tradition and respect are a large part of Tongan culture and this tends to stay with people even if they have relocated far from home.

High levels of respect are constantly shown to elders and women in the community indicating just how important family is to the society and nature of Tongans.

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