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6 cool things you probably did not know about Thai food

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Whether you are from Thailand, have ever lived there or have relatives there, you probably agree with most people that Thai food is truly delicious.

And while you can enjoy a scrumptious Pad Thai in restaurants all over the world, it will never quite compare to the version you can get in Thailand.

Whether you crave a Thai green curry, a noodle soup or some fried skewers, there is something for everyone when it comes to food in this amazing country.

Here are six facts about Thai food that will probably surprise you:

Nothing is baked

Thai food is simply not baked; it is just not a thing when it comes to Thai cooking. In fact, many households in the country do not have an oven (and feel that they have no need for one!). 

To get the perfect Thai dish, all that is needed is a piping hot wok or grill!

Dishes are region-specific

If you are from Thailand or have ever lived there, you might crave a local dish that you may not be able to find anywhere else (including other regions in Thailand!). 

Many dishes are created via specific recipes handed down by generations in certain areas. This can mean if you have a dish you adore in southern Thailand, you will probably struggle to find it in northern Thailand.


In Bangkok, you may be able to enjoy plenty of vegetarian dishes but across the country, meat tends to be a focal point of most dishes.

Top tip: If you are a vegan or vegetarian ask for “jay” which means ‘Buddhist vegan food' and you might get what you are looking for. 

Try everything

You may just want a traditional green curry or noodle dish, but it is important to try everything when it comes to Thai food. This is because there are so many variations on dishes based on location.

For example, Khao soi curry is a popular dish from northern Thailand meanwhile pad kra pao gai is a popular street food.

And if you wanted to get really adventurous, you could try things like squid eggs on a stick (commonly sold at the Amphawa floating market near Bangkok). 

Watch the sugar!

Sugar is a super common ingredient in nearly all Thai food!

Generally speaking a spoonful or two finds its way into most dishes. This is because Thai dishes are made to combine all flavors in every dish – these flavors are salty, spicy, sour and of course sweet!

All meals at anytime

Thai people tend to not differentiate between their meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So they would be quite happy to have a noodle soup for breakfast, a rice dish for lunch and noodles for dinner!

While there are certain dishes that are enjoyed in the mornings, most dishes can be (are are) eaten at any time of the day.

What is your favorite dish from Thailand?

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