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3 practical reasons why Sri Lanka LOVES coconuts

3 practical reasons why Sri Lanka LOVES coconuts

If you have ever traveled to Sri Lanka, you may have noticed that coconuts are literally everywhere.

And if you are from Sri Lanka, you probably grew up with coconuts being a staple of your day-to-day life.

In fact, locals in Sri Lanka call the coconut tree ‘the tree of life’ because it has so many practical uses.

Here’s three reasons why the humble coconut is a national treasure in Sri Lanka.

There’s PLENTY of them

One reason why coconuts are so popular is that they are readily available in Sri Lanka. The nation produces roughly 2.7 billion coconuts a year and 75% of them are consumed by locals.

The government has even made the cutting of a young coconut tree illegal until meaning trees are present in abundance.

The shell of the coconut has many uses

One of the reasons why coconuts are so popular is because they can be used in a variety of useful ways.

For example, the hairs on the outer shell can be plucked and wrapped together to make a sturdy rope. The shell is also a superb energy source that can be easily used to make a fire but does not create harsh smoke.

Shells are also a superb fertiliser and is regularly used on farmland. They are even used to build shelters with the outer shell useful particularly for roofs.

The inside of a coconut is delicious and nutritious

We probably don’t have to tell you all the benefits of coconut water!

This refreshing liquid is just as hydrating as water but also includes more potassium than a banana. The actual meat of the coconut can also be eaten and contains lots of fibre.

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