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A warm welcome: What it's like to live in the Philippines

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The Philippines boast a wealth of opportunities for the people that live there and equally for the people that choose to live there.

Its beautiful landscapes, bustling cities, multicultural atmosphere and the fact that the majority of locals speak English make it an attractive destination for expats.

It also makes it a prime destination for multi-national companies looking to exploit the wealth of educated young professionals in the region.

And with over 159 countries not even needing a VISA to enter the Philippines, this island nation welcomes expats, foreigners and travellers with open arms.

“Locals are very outgoing and helpful, which makes foreigners feel accommodated,” said Eleanor Webley, an expat living in Manila and speaking to the BBC.

“The people here are very friendly and are always smiling,” added Wendell Yuson, a native of the Philippines. “It’s always more fun in the Philippines!”

Locals to this nation are fun-loving and this is reflected in the enthusiastic and party culture in the Philippines. People here are never short of something to do as there is always a concert, festival or party to attend.

Most expats tend to settle in the island’s capital of Manila which offers all of the hustle and bustle of a capital city but still within travel distance of some of the nation’s most beautiful beaches and landscapes.

Settlers in the Philippines are often bowled over by the value of living in this nation with the cost of living considered to be low when compared to more Western countries.

It seems that the Philippines have something to offer everyone from exciting opportunities for someone looking to resettle or a globe-trotter looking for a unique and relaxed travel experience.

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