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Keeping the family topped-up: Gohar’s Story

Keeping the family topped-up: Gohar’s Story

Moving away from your family and settling in a foreign country is difficult at the best of times, but this becomes even trickier when you are not sure how you will stay in touch with those you love back home.

Luckily for Gohar, who recently moved from Pakistan to the UK, a simple Google search brought to her attention Ding, an international mobile recharge service.

“I moved away a couple of months ago to the UK alone and I started working in my field.

“I use Ding to send top-up to my Mom and Dad. My family live in Pakistan and my younger sisters always asked me for top-up or to share credit when I used to live with them.

“As females, it is hard for them to go out and get a recharge. But they can just ping me instead and if I can send it, I use Ding for this purpose.

“I was so worried about how to keep their phones topped-up when Ding came up as a suggestion and it works for me all the time. “

Importantly for Gohar, Ding provides a safe and secure way of sending recharge over the internet.

For many of her friends who still live back home, there is no recharge shop close by for them to use making this service invaluable.

“The most important reason I joined was to get in contact with my best friend who does not have access to a mobile top-up shop in the area.

“I can send him any amount with just a click.

“I also recently went on holidays to Bahrain and I got a sim card there. I used Ding to top-up my credit from my UK bank. It was amazing, I did not have to go outside!”

Convenience and security are the most important aspects of sending transactions online for Gohar and using Ding means that she can stay connected with those who matter most to her despite being thousands of miles away.

“The hardest part of a long distance relationship is the communication gap, especially when it is costly.

“This app has really helped me in difficult times when I had to make calls outside the country and with just some clicks, I had top-up on the way.

“I love this service. “


Join Gohar and thousands of others sending Ufone Pakistan recharge to loved ones back home.

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