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4 fascinating facts about Pakistan many people do not know

4 fascinating facts about Pakistan many people do not know

With a population of 182 million and with the 26th largest economy in the world, Pakistan sure is a force to be reckoned with.

And if you happen to be a native of this fascinating country, it is safe to say that you are Pakistani and proud.

And why shouldn’t you be? Between its awe-inspiring culture and tradition to its stunning landscapes, it is a good thing Ding are on hand to remind you of how amazing this influential nation is.

 1. Pakistan’s salt mines are pretty spectacular

Pakistan is home to the world’s second largest salt mine located in Khewra.

The mine, which produces up to 132 tonnes of salt every year, is so large that within its walls it manages to house 18 levels, an electric railway and a mosque. Wow!

2. Street vendors sell everything and anything

Many Pakistani people will cite street vendors as something they miss if they happen to move from home.

Whether you need a new pair of shoes or a delicious snack on-the-go, you can probably get it all right there on the street on the way to your destination.

No need for google-mapping your nearest shop then.

3. Pakistan’s ambulance network is the largest in the world

This is a comforting thought!

The ambulance system in Pakistan is run by the Edhi Foundation, the country’s largest not-for-profit welfare program.

Not only does this make it the largest voluntary welfare service in the world, it also means it has the largest fleet at an astounding 1800 vehicles.

 4. Internet usage in Pakistan is growing rapidly

In 2001, just 1.3% of the population had regular access to the internet. Today that figure stands at 15% meaning that over 30 million Pakistani people are now surfing the web.

So whether you are living in Pakistan or have relocated to another far-flung corner of the world, there is now no excuse not to keep in touch.

Thanks to the nation’s connectivity and the tireless work of local operators, using Ding to recharge the phones of loved ones is simple, fast and reliable.

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