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Long-distance love on calls to Nepal: Ayan’s story

india to nepal love romance long distance ayan and sneha

Having a long-distance relationship is difficult at the best of times but when you have become used to spending a lot of time with someone, being forced apart can feel impossible. 

This is unfortunately what happened to Ding user Ayan who was separated from his girlfriend, Sneha, after she had to return home to her native Nepal.

“I'm from India and my girlfriend is from Nepal,” says Ayan.

“We met in college during our graduation course. We spent three years together and then she had to return to her home country.”

Though the pair have hopes to reunite in the future, for now they must rely on technology to stay in touch. 

But even with various platforms enabling cross-country communications, staying connected is still not an easy task.

“The hardest part about maintaining a long-distance relationship is managing common time. I work from afternoon to night and she works a morning shift so it's difficult to be always available for each other.”

On top of this, money is not easily come by for two recent graduates.

“While she is [in her home] country, calling is a must but not so pocket-friendly.

“Mobile Internet packs are [also] too costly in Nepal and don’t always provide [good] connectivity so Ding has been a great help for providing instant talktime [credit].”

For Sneha, her operator in Nepal does not provide an online service for recharge meaning she must find a physical store which unfortunately is not easily accessible for her. This is where Ding comes in.

“I can just imagine how you make all these transactions easy [especially when] Sneha’s native operator doesn't provide an online portal for recharge [even though] it is actually cheaper if she calls me from her home location.

“And then luckily we found out about Ding and it is such a help. It can recharge cell phones in any country at very nominal processing fee. Thank you ding for making our life pleasurable and a little less to worry about.”

You can join Ayan and millions of others sending instant, secure online mobile top-up to loved ones around the world. Why not recharge a Nepal phone today?

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