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Have family in India? 3 ways you can stay in touch

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Keeping up with all of your closest relatives can be difficult at the best of times but add in a couple of thousand miles, time difference and inevitably dodgy connections and this task can become a lot trickier.

Whether you have moved away from India, are travelling there or know someone dear to you in this fascinating country, working out the ways you can stay in touch is important but also time consuming.

Luckily for you, Ding is on-hand and working with 13 operators in India including Airtel to ensure that staying in touch with family need not be a chore:

Plan, plan and plan some more

In order to stay in touch with special people you know in India, you need to be organised.

You need to be aware of the time difference and what time during your day suits them to call (a 4am video chat is probably not the way to go).

You can also discuss what days suit to get in touch and how often it is plausible for both parties to have a catch-up.

Once you establish a routine, maintaining those important connections will become second nature.

Keep their phone topped-up

There’s no way around it. In order to stay in touch with family in India, there’s going to have to be a mobile phone on either end.

But even if you have this, keeping those phones connected (especially in India) is not always as straight-forward as you might expect.

This is where Ding comes in. You can send online mobile recharge to several operators in India such as Airtel meaning you can call and text your loved ones to your heart’s content, hassle-free.

Connect on social media

Once you have a topped-up mobile phone, you can use your Ding credit for data as well!

This means that you can connect with your loved ones on social media and if they are in India, your family can keep everyone updated.

So even if you can’t talk to them you can still figure out and follow what they are up to.


So what are you waiting for? Why not go and send an Airtel India recharge to someone special in India today!

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