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Topping-up in a war zone: Jay’s story

“One of the worst things about this type of job is being away from family for such long periods of time."

“The one thing that makes it bearable over here is having a direct line of communication with my family and friends back home

Ding user Jay has worked as a field engineer in South Korea, Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan throughout his lengthy career as a military contractor. Having worked in this area for over a decade, he spends on average 12 months or more away from home at at time.

So it's no surprise that having a working and connected phone is simply an imperative. 


“My family is located in Tampa, Florida. I can honestly say without the ability to talk with my family, I would have quit this type of work a long time ago.”

When Jay discovered Ding, he was relieved to find a service that eliminated the time-consuming reality of trying to top-up a mobile phone using a physical calling card.

“Ever since I discovered Ding to easily add data to my phone, I have no need to find someone who offers the prepaid phone cards [when I am abroad].

“I am grateful for the service that Ding and its partners have provided me and everyone else in my shoes over here.”

Jay also finds some of Ding’s other services quite useful to him and his colleagues.


“On top of the ability to stay in contact with my family at fair prices, Ding offers a program where you can share a friend code with people you know giving them a nice discount and receive a nice discount for yourself. I have had the fortune of being able to help out a good number of people in the last few years, which really is a nice thing."

Not only does Jay use Ding to top-up his own phone but it gives his family a way of sending him credit when they want to speak to him.

“Ding is very easy to use due to a well sorted and highly functional smartphone app. The ability for someone to use their Ding account to send you tops ups with a few easy and simple steps, even from a PC.”

Join Jay and thousands of others who use Ding to stay connected to loved ones by topping-up Roshan Afghanistan.

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