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8000 miles from Afghanistan to family in US: Benjamin's story

8000 miles from Afghanistan to family in US: Benjamin's story

Ding user Benjamin left home in the US for Afghanistan ten years ago and knows more than anyone that being away from family never gets easier.

“I came over in 2007 when my youngest son was eleven. He is now 21 and that time away has been the toughest part.

“I know I am here for my family but missing band concerts, school trips, first dates, proms and all the little things that so many of us take for granted, well those are regrets I'll always have.

“My kids, oddly enough, are well rounded and doing quite well. I even have two beautiful granddaughters (do over!!)”

Benjamin’s eldest son was a Marine in the US military and after he was deployed to Iraq, Benjamin felt compelled to get involved.

“I felt like I needed to contribute something and discovered the world of contractors. [And so] I came to Afghanistan.

“I work as Vector Control for US and Coalition forces, keeping them safe from diseases like malaria and rabies by controlling animals and pests.”

Understandably, Benjamin’s biggest priority while being away is staying in touch with family back home in Alabama as often as possible. However, this was not always easy.

“Before I found Ding, I would have to depend on scratch cards [calling cards] to recharge my cell minutes and would run out in mid-conversation, even with my granddaughter.

“And in this environment, a dropped call can really worry folks back home!”

A simple google search brought Benjamin to Ding and the realization that phones can be topped-up from anywhere in the world online in a matter of seconds.

“Now as long as I have internet access, I can recharge my phone anytime. The app is much easier to use than scratch cards!!

“Being able to call, text and stay connected via internet is THE reason I have could stay as long as I have. [Ding] and the ease in which [it is] accessible makes that even easier.”

Join Benjamin and thousands of others using Ding to top-up their Roshan phones online in Afghanistan.

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