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4 facts about Afghanistan many people do not know

If you have relocated to another part of the world from Afghanistan, are currently residing there or have loved ones living in this fascinating nation, you are undoubtedly familiar with the vast array of traditions, peoples, religion and culture.

Here are four interesting facts about Afghanistan that many people around the world may not know.

The Afghan New Year takes place in March

If you have relocated to other parts of the world, it may strike you as a bit odd to celebrate the New Year on December 31st.

Which is reasonable considering that the New Year, known as Nowruz in Afghanistan, is celebrated on March 21st.

Celebrations occur over a two week period as many acknowledge the beginning of spring.

Afghanistan’s national sport is ‘goat-grabbing’

Thousands of people in Afghanistan traditionally get together to watch the ancient game of buzkashi.

Believed to have originated as far back as the 13th century, the game involves players on horseback attempting to place a goat carcass into a goal.

This fast and furious game traditionally could go on for several days, but match times have been placed on modern games.

Afghan cuisine is delicious

There is a perception that food in Afghanistan is a basic concoction of kebabs and rice, but those familiar with the country will know how wrong this is.

A popular dish called ashak comprises ravioli-like dumplings filled with leeks and topped with a tomato sauce, mint, yogurt and sometimes minced meat. Yum!

Phones are transforming life in Afghanistan

By 2011, 90% of the country had mobile phone service.

18 million Afghan people use mobile phones and over 50% have access to the internet.

And thanks to top-up providers like Ding, we are working tirelessly to keep you connected to loved ones at home.

Whether you have someone living abroad or have moved from Afghanistan yourself, there is now no reason why you cannot stay connected to those who matter most.

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