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“We don’t know how they would survive without our help”: Lilian’s story

“We don’t know how they would survive without our help”: Lilian’s story

In 2008, Lilian and her husband Don made a trip that would change both of their lives forever.

They traveled to Zimbabwe to the orphanage from which a family friend had recently adopted a child.

“The children stole our hearts,” says Lilian and from them on they began to sponsor two orphans, Katelyn and Tiffany.

When they returned to visit the children in 2011, another little boy got their attention and they began to sponsor a third orphan by the name of Jonathan.

While the couple take every opportunity to visit the children, organizing a trip from their home in British Colombia to Zimbabwe is not always easy.

However, the sponsorship of Lilian and Don has given these children necessities that drastically improve their standard of living.

“A food basket is delivered to them every two months and we also send them a money transfer of 120$ USD every months,” says Lilian.

“We don’t know how they would survive without our help.”

Apart from food and vital resources, Lilian and Don’s sponsorship means that Katelyn, Tiffany and Jonathan get a chance at a stable childhood. 

“At the beginning of August during their second school break they attended a week at a Christian Summer Camp with the Seventh-Day-Adventist Church which we also helped make happen.

“It was the highlight of their lives.”

Keeping in touch can be difficult but thanks to services like Ding, things are a lot easier for Lilian and Don.

“We love to keep in touch with them and so we purchased a mobile phone for them. Ding has made it so easy for them to contact us.

“We send them top-up and they send us smiles with their innocent little voices.”

Join Lilian and thousands of others who are sending mobile top-up to Telecel phones in Zimbabwe.

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