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Helping others across continents: Byron’s story

Helping others across continents: Byron’s story

Byron Woodman has dedicated his life to helping others and has a particular passion for mentoring young people.

As the former Chief Operating Officer of not-for-profit organisation Save the Children, Canada, he dedicated the greater part of his life to improving the situations of people all over the world.

And even now in retirement, he continues to offer a helping hand to those who seek it.

“From Canada, I am mentoring my good friend in Ghana to address her needs to improve her language skills in English employing email and Skype,” says Byron.

“During my travels to sub-Saharan Africa as COO of Save the Children, Canada, while auditing our Community Development Projects, I met my good friend in Ghana’s grandmother.

“Some years later, her granddaughter, who has graduated from university with a Bachelor of Journalism degree, contacted me wishing to improve her English skills.

“It gives me great satisfaction to say that my friend is doing very well and that we are both enjoying our relationship.”

As helping others is a passion of Byron, he continues to mentor and assist the people he has met throughout his life.

“From beginnings as a trade school teacher to now living in a retirement home, my lifelong passion has been mentoring the younger generation which I am still capable of doing with my extended family around the globe right from my laptop.”

Byron uses Ding to keep the phone of his Ghanaian friend topped-up so that he can continue to work with her and assist her in improving her language skills.

“Ding top-ups are a vital part of her need for local communication with her family and friends, which I am very happy to provide.

“Sending her top-ups also helps to ensure that our email connection remains stable.”

Join Byron and the thousands of people around the world sending invaluable MTN mobile top-ups to loved ones in Ghana.

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