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4 things Ghanaian people realise when they relocate far from home

4 things Ghanaian people realise when they relocate far from home

Amidst all the excitement, anticipation and planning of moving abroad, many people can forget how hard it can be to settle in to a totally new way of life.

In fact, many realise a lot about where they come from only after they have lived away from it.

Here are 4 common things people may recognise after moving away from Ghana.

There’s no place like home

This may sound like a bit of a cliché, but the truth is most of us suffer from a bout of homesickness when we move away.

But with Ghana’s unique traditions and way of life, this transition into a totally alien culture can be even more difficult.

Everything from time zones and food to the inevitable culture shock may make many people realise how truly special and unique their home country is.

The reality is not always as good as the fantasy

If you have dreamed of relocating to another part of the world for a long time, it can be hard to keep your expectations in check.

And sometimes the realities of living in a totally new country do not exceed these aforementioned expectations.

Appreciating what you have

When the excitement of moving abroad fades and the realities set in, it is easy to get swept up in everything that has been left behind.

For some this can be as small as the local cuisine or your favourite hangout, but for many it is the people.

Here at Ding, we want to help make the transition easier which is why we are dedicated to provide a top up service with a difference.

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The world does not run on African time

You recall things as being pretty relaxed back in Ghana but you have quickly realised that the world does not operate in quite the same way.

Things are meticulously planned and running on time and efficiency, which can be a bit of a shock when you are used to the laid-back ways of home.

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