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Ghana diaspora and their mobile phones: Infographic

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If you are from Ghana, it's safe to say you know just how much Ghanaians love their mobile phones. 

From being very active across all social media to chatting (loudly) on the phone to friends, it's perhaps no surprise to learn that in 2017 82% of those who took part in our user survey said they had a smartphone

In fact, almost 40% admitted to spending more than five hours on their device per day and over half said that they could not live without their phone. That's a lot of mobile love!

And when you consider this adoration of the smartphone, it's also not surprising that the Ghanaian diaspora community we surveyed were also very big fans of social media. Facebook was the stand-out favorite with 83% saying they used the site regularly. 

Check out the full results of our survey in our infographic below! 

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