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3 reasons to send to Ethiopia with Ding

It is estimated that there are about 2 million Ethiopians or people of Ethiopian descent in the US alone, per a 2014 survey.

And as many Ding customers (as well as first and second generation migrants) can attest, the culture, traditions and heritage of home remain an important part of people’s lives no matter where they may have relocated to.

It’s perhaps no surprise that Ethiopian people across the world still feel deep ties and connections with home and the people who live there. And that’s why they are determined to stay connected to it.

Whether that means upkeeping the traditions of Ethiopia (such as having ‘injera’ with every meal) or simply calling a relative who still lives back home, many migrants are thankful that staying connected is easier than ever thanks to online connectivity and services.

Here is 3 ways that many Ethiopians stay in touch with home:

1. Focus on family

Family in Ethiopia comes before anything else and this remains true for those who have moved away.

This is an honored tradition that holds true to second and even third generation families who are thought to love and respect family members above all else. Even if loved ones live across continents, staying connected to all family members is a long-standing Ethiopian tradition that many hold on to.

2. Send money back home

The global remittance market remains a huge business but now migrants are realizing they can send small values of money home by different means.

Mobile top-up online means users from around the world can recharge a loved one’s phone instantly even if they happen to be thousands of miles away.

With Ding, you can now send mobile top-up to Ethio Telecom in Ethiopia using our mobile app or website. Ding delivers instantly, so you can spend more time catching up with the ones you love.

3. Celebrate heritage

Ethiopians are proud of their unique culture and heritage and will continue to enjoy and celebrate it no matter where their lives may have taken them.

From cooking traditional Ethiopian meals to always have traditional dress pressed and on-hand in the wardrobe, it’s no surprise that many migrants of Ethiopian descent are seeking out ways to feel connected to home.

We have launched Ethiopian operator Ethio Telecom. You can now send mobile top-up to Ethiopia with Ding and stay connected to important people back home.

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