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Calling Cape Verde?! Get 100% bonus credit to CV with Ding and CV Móvel

Calling Cape Verde?! Get 100% bonus credit to CV with Ding and CV Móvel

No matter where you are living in there world, if you are originally a Cape Verdean you can never really leave these colorful islands behind.

From its vibrant history, scrumptious food and outspoken personalities, people from these islands will always carry a piece of their culture with them.

That’s why it is so important for those who have left to stay connected to home.

Sometimes just hearing the voice of a loved one or receiving some good news can be as fulfilling as a hearty plate of cachupa on a cool winter’s evening.

And thanks to the world’s largest top-up service, Ding, and dedicated operator in Cape Verde, CV Móvel, staying connected to island life no longer needs to be a complex task.

Say goodbye to calling cards, pin codes and the long wait between top-ups. With Ding, you can now send instant mobile recharge to CV Móvel phones in Cape Verde. All you need is internet access and a few seconds to spare.

Sending top-up to Cape Verde is so simple you could even do it after two generous glasses of grogue.

All you need to do is head over to (or download our user-friendly app), enter the CV Móvel number you want to top-up, select your amount and send.

And if we haven’t convinced you, CV Móvel is also offering a 100% bonus promotion for this month only! If you send any amount to a CV Móvel phone in Cape Verde today, your receiver will enjoy a 100% bonus on the top-up amount sent.

That means your friends and family get DOUBLE the top-up!

And if you are still not tempted, your loved ones could also be in with the chance to win a brand new Samsung J3 smartphone! Users will automatically be eligible to win if they receive a CV Móvel top-up during the promotion. 

So really, what are you waiting for? Send a CV Movel top-up to a loved one in Cape Verde with Ding today.

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