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The challenge of staying connected across continents: Gary’s story

The challenge of staying connected across continents: Gary’s story

Being separated from loved ones is always challenging no matter what the circumstance.

For Ding user Gary, being able keep in touch with his daughter while she is working abroad has been invaluable to him.

Christy is working with the Peace Corps and currently residing in Benin, West Africa.

“She’s living in a small town with no running water or electricity and she’ll be there for about 27 months.

“She left in June, 2015 and we’re going to visit just after Thanksgiving.

“She lives in a small apartment with cinder block walls, concrete floors and a corrugated steel roof that thunders when it rains.”

While the move is certainly a change from her life back in St. Louis, Christy has found ways around the communication challenges she faces living in a remote region.

“The only electricity in the town is the cell tower which is only a block away so she usually has a pretty good connection. She keeps her phone charged with a solar charger.

“We can then keep her data paid up (it’s very cheap) and she can call and text us using WhatsApp.

“Sometimes she’ll call and talk for 3 hours and the sound quality is better than when she lived at home!”

Being able to hear each other’s voices and send pictures back and forth makes the distance between this family just a little bit easier.

“She sends us pictures like one with a python wrapped around her neck and one showing a large cow being transported on the top of a taxi. Great stuff.

“Thanks Ding for helping us figure out how to keep in touch with our daughter.”

To join Gary and thousands of others who are staying in touch with loved ones abroad, send a mobile top up to MTN Benin today!

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