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5 Ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

5 Ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

The annual Cinco de Mayo celebrations will be taking place next Tuesday across the globe. To help you prepare, we have put together 5 simple ways that you can celebrate it in your home... ...
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A Ding Guide to Cuba

A Very Ding Guide to Cuba

Cuban people are strong willed, passionate and fiercely patriotic, the latter trait is evident throughout the fabric of life in Cuba and impossible for foreign visitors to ignore....
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A brief history of the mobile app

A brief history of mobile apps

Battered or scratched, shiny or new, here at Ding we just love the mobile phone. Since launching our amazing new app for iOS and Android we thought we’d write a little article on the history of mobile phone apps....
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How Ding Works

How to top-up with Ding

We all know that top-up is pretty amazing. Each one is a little bundle of joy that sprints around the world creating smiles. And every time you top-up, you’re spreading this smile to your friends and family. But how does it work?...
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