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Topping-up El Salvador: Griselda's story

Send a top-up to El Salvador

Griselda's father moved to the United States of America from their home in El Salvador for work. He sends Griselda and their family top-up every month to keep in touch. Watch Griselda tell her story in her own words...
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Flying home for Easter: Juliet's story

Juliet flies home: An interview with our Easter competition winner

Earlier this year we ran a competition to fly one lucky Ding customer home to see their family. Juliet Pannicooke was our overall winner and we are flying her to Jamaica to see her family. How did she react? Read on to find out!...
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A Cuban Love Story: Eliza's Story

A Cuban Love Story

Looking back on her time in school, Eliza recalls a very important lesson which she learned. Her teachers had told her “you need to offer the best of yourself to others”. This message was what inspired her to travel from her home ...
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Love on the line: Karen and Christian's Story

Love in Mexico

Karen and I met back in 2008, while I was an exchange student in Colombia, we fell in love and started dating. Unfortunately, I had to go back to my country, we tried to keep in touch but it wasn't easy...
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Finding family in Cuba: Ivan's Story

Ivan's Story with Ding

Ivan was in the right place at the right time and found love. This is his story. ‘Ivan’s story began 3 years ago when a colleague asked Ivan to join him on a trip to Cuba...'...
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A slow start to love: Andrea

A slow start to love: Andrea

Andrea story tells of how she unexpectedly found love whilst on a working visiting in Cuba. Here is her story. ‘On the 11th of September of 2009 I met my now husband in the Malecón de la Habana...'...
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