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Top-up with a difference: An African Adventure

Top-up with a difference

There are lots of reasons people need to top-up. 

Some people send a top-up with Ding to keep in touch with family. Some have met the love of their life abroad and are keeping a long distance relationship alive through calls and texts. Some people, are simply using it as a way to keep their phone topped-up while travelling the world.

Friends of Ding Liz and James are one such example. Leaving their lives in London, they packed up their truck and have embarked on an adventure through Africa which will take them all the way to Cape Town.

Their trip has been documented on the blog Can't Stop for Every Impala, and we think its definitely worth a read! From Senegal to Ghana, their journey has taken them off the beaten track to some of Africa's most remote areas (and Ding has been there to keep their phones in action along the way!).

We encourage you to follow their blog and our team here at Ding are excited to see what adventures await!

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