The 5 best podcasts Spotify Mexico 2023

Andrea Santiago Orgaz

17 Jan 2023

Woman listening Spotify
Woman listening Spotify

Did you know that more than 75% of Mexicans currently listen to music and podcasts on Spotify? Here's the 5 best Spotify podcasts for Mexicans in 2023

Spotify has become one of the most popular podcast platforms, so we're here to tell you all about the 5 most listened-to podcasts by Mexicans on Spotify, and what you can expect to find in each.

Listening to Spotify podcasts is completely free, but if you want to give Spotify Premium to a loved one so that they can enjoy the platform without ads, you can do so easily with Ding, in just a couple of clicks.

But first, what is a podcast? 

A podcast is a digital audio file that you can download or listen to via the internet, whenever you like. You can listen from any device you like, all you need to do is download a podcast platform, and you're all set.

You can find podcasts about science, history, art, comedy, or any theme you like. Generally, you will find a series of podcasts created by the same host, but it is not uncommon to find single episode podcasts.

Spotify: The most popular platform for Mexicans

Spotify logo
Spotify logo

In June 2022, Statista released a study revealing that Spotify had approximately 85.26 million users in Latin America, compared to 75.90 million users the previous year, representing a growth of 12.3%.

If we focus exclusively on Mexico, we know that 80% of Mexicans are registered on Spotify and 63% use it to listen to podcasts in Spanish, as well as music.

What are the most popular podcasts in Mexico?

  1. Relatos de la noche  


  3. Maldita Pobreza

  4. En Boca Cerrada -Uforia

  5. La Cotorrisa

Relatos de la Noche

Relatos de la noche logo
Relatos de la noche logo

This podcast falls under the horror and suspense genre, and the episodes involve the host telling stories, myths, and legends from Mexico and Latin America. Not just that, this podcast offers a visual projection of its stories on its YouTube channel, so you can choose your favourites and go see them.

Seminario Fenix - Brian Tracy

Based on Brian Tracy's seminar, this podcast offers you a list of different podcasts on how to succeed in life. Among others, the topics covered are how the mind works and how to prepare it for success, how to stop negative emotions, quick learning techniques, and much more!

Maldita Pobreza  

From Liliana Olivares and Jimena Gómez, this podcast is a support group where people share their frustrations when it comes to dealing with personal finances. They talk about many different topics, from how to calculate your salary, to ideas for starting a new business, to how to organise your finances. Highly recommended!

En Boca Cerrada -Uforia

Every Thursday you will discover a new episode of the biggest entertainment scandal of the last decades, the Trevi-Andrade case. "En Boca Cerrada: Lo que nunca se dijo sobre el caso Trevi-Andrade", a podcast by Uforia and Pitaya unravels this story, from the protagonists. If you want to know everything about this case that paralysed the whole world, don't miss any episode where information never aired before is revealed.

La cotorrisa 

Ricardo and Slobotzky
Ricardo and Slobotzky

A laid back comedy podcast, this one involves Ricardo and Slobotzky talking as if they were in a chat with friends. Every Wednesday, they present a new episode where they comment on news, curious facts, etc. You can be sure, you won't stop laughing throughout.

And finally, can I listen to free podcasts on Spotify? 

Now that you know which are the best podcasts in Spanish, you should know that listening to Spotify podcasts in Mexico is completely free. The only drawback when you don't have a premium account is that every now and then you will see ads. If you don't mind waiting 30 seconds for the ad to end, you can still enjoy podcasts on Spotify.

All you need is internet access. It is estimated that 80% of people who listen to Spotify in Mexico do so through their smartphone. Having credit on your phone would be enough to listen to Spotify from anywhere.

At Ding, we make it easy, just send recharge to your cell phone in Mexico. To listen to Spotify, to make calls, for social networks or for anything that keeps you connected.

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The 5 best podcasts Spotify Mexico 2023