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Sending and receiving top-up has never been easier

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Ding has launched a new request a top-up service that means it’s even easier for our community stay in touch.

For certain markets when you send a top-up to your loved one, their receipt will contain a link, allowing them to request a top-up be sent to their phone. You’ll know when your loved one runs out of credit and they can contact you to ask you to send them a top-up.

How it works

Requesting a top-up is easy, browse our steps for senders and receivers below.

To request a top-up

  1. Click the link in the SMS message you received from Ding when your phone was last topped-up.
  2. Send the top-up request to the person who last sent you credit.
  3. Once a top-up request is approved by the sender, your phone is topped-up. It’s as simple as that.

Receiving a request

If you send mobile top-ups to your loved ones you may now be able to receive top-up requests from them, when they run out of credit.

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Top-up requests will be sent to you via SMS or email, depending on how you registered with Ding.

You can choose to accept or decline the top-up request. You can also choose to opt out from receiving any top-up request if you so choose.

Once you check out, your loved one receives their top-up.

It's that easy. 

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