Meet Cecilia - a valued member of our #DingCommunity

Paddy Kirwan

8 May 2023

We’ve connected millions of people all around the world. We wanted to understand what part we’ve played in the lives of some of our customers. Meet Cecilia, a valued member of our Ding community.  

Cecilia Nyati was born in raised in Zimbabwe. Almost 1,000 kilometres away from home, it was Johannesburg that Cecilia headed, in pursuit of her business degree.  

We caught up with Cecilia to learn all about leaving home, life in Johannesburg, and how she finds using Ding.

Cecilia, tell us a bit about yourself: 

“My name is Cecilia. I’m 25 years old, I’m from Zimbabwe, and I moved here to Johannesburg for my studies back in 2017. Now, I work as a social media specialist and freelance writer." 

"I’m a cat lover (although I’m not a cat mom, I will be soon!) and I love heading out on hikes. I always head to Hennops Hiking in Pretoria. I’m loving it here in South Africa.”  

Great to hear you’re loving things in South Africa, Cecilia. What was the move over from Zimbabwe like? 

“Moving to South Africa was something I needed to do. The economic situation in Zimbabwe was and is still very bad. I wanted to study online, and it wasn’t easy to continue with my studies back home, so I had to move to South Africa. But the move wasn’t difficult. I had some family members who were living here before I moved over. So, I was coming to siblings and family. Making friends wasn’t something I pursued as such, but with my studies being online, I managed to make friends from all around the world.” 

So, Cecilia, how did you come to learn about Ding? 

“I was searching online for a way to send airtime internationally. A way that wasn’t South African number to South African number. Honestly, there wasn’t any easy and secure option for me until I came across an ad for Ding. I downloaded the app there and then. I’ve been using Ding ever since!” 

We’re happy you’ve joined the Ding community, Cecilia. How have you found using Ding since then? 

“Brilliant. I remember the first time I sent my mom airtime. Instantly, she received it. I was so happy. Finally, I can talk with them anytime."

"I’ve found the app super useful, and it’s become a routine for me now to chat with my mom, just as the top-up is received by her every month." 

"I’ve even had a friend from Spain send me airtime as a birthday gift. Ding finally helped me find what I need, an easy way to stay in touch with family and friends.” 

From Gwanda, Zimbabwe to Johannesburg, South Africa, Cecilia’s move has paid off. With her studies complete, Cecilia’s facing a long road of opportunities that she deserves. Being part of the #DingCommunity, Cecilia will be bringing her family and friends alongside her on the journey. 

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Meet Cecilia - a valued member of our #DingCommunity