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Connected by Ding: Janice & Leroy's Story

Janice & Leroy

'Thanks to Ding for helping to keep the love strong'

Christmas is celebrated in many different ways, with many different beliefs and traditions. In Mexico, Christmas begins on the 16th of December with the Los Podalos celebrations. In Spain, Christmas gifts are exchanged on the 6th of January to celebrate El Dia de los Reyes. But whatever the belief or celebration, the culture or tradition, Christmas around the world shares one common theme, family. Christmas is a time for families to connect.

One such family is Janice and Leroy. They met through a relative and instantly fell madly in love! Janice was kind enough to share her story with us and we think it’s amazing!

'My boyfriend's name is Leroy, we met through a relative of his whom I used to convey messages to for him. He lives all the way in Philadelphia and I'm in Jamaica. We talk almost 24/7. I heard about Ding via it's Facebook page (ezetop) and later told him to download the app and utilize online topup instead of wasting time going to stores. He tops me up almost every week with $20 USD and with that I activate an internet data plan bundle when needed and an international calling plan which I must say we exceed quite often because we spend 2 hours at a time on the phone sometimes and 4-5 hours for some days in total. Thanks to Ding for helping to keep the love strong’

Janice's Christmas list this year doesn't include clothes or perfume. Nor does it contain jewelry or a new computer. In her words, Janice's perfect gift is '...just to spend time with the love of my life and my family'. Luckily for Janice, Leroy will be paying her a short visit this Christmas, and we hear she is very excited to see him!

Janice's dad and step mom however, won't be able to make the trip from the UK to Jamaica this year so she will be using Ding to stay connected to them during the festive holidays.

'I'll be calling my father and step mom who are in the UK. This will be my second Christmas without my dad, but with Ding it'll feel as though he's right here beside me in Jamaica.'

Who will you be connecting with this Christmas? Leave your comments below.

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