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How Ding Works

How to top-up with Ding

We all know that top-up is pretty amazing. Each one is a little bundle of joy that sprints around the world creating smiles. And every time you top-up, you’re spreading this smile to your friends and family. But how does it all work?

We don’t use any mystical tricks or spells here at Ding. It’s not like we employ a team of ding-elves to send your top-up. Nor do we attach it to a highly trained flock of carrier-pigeons. But we still think the Ding top-up process is pretty magical.

So what actually happens within those 3 seconds it takes for your top-up to be complete? Let us tell you: 

1. When you come to or download our mobile app for the first time you have to set up a new account. 

2. Once you sign in to the world of Ding, you have three simple decisions to make. The country you are sending top-up to, the operator and the amount to send. But before all this, you need to decide which loved one you are going to send credit to.

3. Now with just 3 seconds on the clock, our team have to process the payment, run the top-up through our super secure system (including fraud agents) and await bank approval. Once that’s been done, the top-up flies back to the operator and then to Ding! Finally, and with milliseconds to spare, the top-up arrives safely. 

Check out our video below for more information on how to top-up someone's phone! 


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