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From New York City to Trinidad & Tobago: Lisa's Story

From New York City to Trinidad & Tobago; Lisa's Story

Keeping a long distance relationship alive can be tough, especially when communication channels are limited.

For lots of Ding customers, our service is the only way they can connect with a loved one. A simple call or text can help to make the distance feel a little bit smaller.

Living 2000 miles away from her husband, Lisa knows this feeling all too well. Before she discovered Ding, it was very difficult to find ways to keep in contact regularly.

‘I heard about ding through a family member & ding helps me to connect by communicating to my husband & family members on a daily basis. Before using Ding, it was difficult to communicate. With ding I can send top-ups at any time of the day or night. Ding helps me connect to my hubby because due to work he lives in Trinidad & I reside in New York.

Ding helps me send credit to him for us to communicate whenever we're feeling lonely or just to check up on each other. Ding makes our marriage a lot easier & less stressful. In just a couple of seconds the credit goes to his phone & we can communicate. Thank you Ding for keeping the Sparks alive in our marriage.’

Lisa is a big fan of our service telling us -

‘The service at ding makes me feel special & I will continue using this service. Keep up the great work!’

Congratulations to Lisa who was the winner of one of our runner up prizes in our Love is in the Airtime Valentine’s Day competition!

We will be featuring the inspiring stories of our other winners in the coming weeks here on the Ding blog.


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