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Ding unveils future-proofed app as top-up demand soars

Homescreen of the new Ding app for iOS and Android

Here at Ding we are pleased to announce that we have released our new app, and unveiled a brand refresh – as demand for top-up from the world’s four billion prepaid phones soars.

The new app, which was built using the latest technologies, aims to accelerate mobile access and deliver the joy of connection, while providing a world class experience for our users.

Why a new app?

We undertook extensive user research in order to ensure the delivery of an intuitive app, which meets the high expectations of our diverse userbase. These insights were used to create an app, which empowers users to stay connected in a fast, more frictionless top-up process, while providing a more streamlined and personalised experience for user.


Screengrab of the new Ding app

Commenting on the app release, David Shackleton, Ding's CEO said:

“Our company is about changing the lives of billions by accelerating mobile access, I’m delighted to say that our new app takes a significant step towards doing just that. It uses the latest iOS and Android technologies – and connects millions of loved ones around the world faster so they can have those sometimes life changing conversations.

As demand for our product continues to grow, innovative technology such as that behind our new app is enabling us to meet our customer needs. This is just the beginning, we will keep innovating with our app in order to truly offer a world class top-up experience.”

And now for the technology

The iOS app was developed using the latest Swift programming language, and the Android app in Kotlin, which yields significant performance gains. These technologies provide a faster experience and allows the user to send, or resend, top-up in just a few clicks – accelerating the connection of loved ones.

It also lays the foundations for Ding to deliver exciting new features and products to our users, creating entirely new services for them as the Ding platform evolves.

Internally the new app utilises a clean code architecture using the best design principles, supported by hundreds of automated tests – this allows us to deliver a reliable, crash-free user experience with a small download size.

The app also uses a new high performance, low bandwidth mobile API designed to deliver the best possible performance even in low bandwidth networks.

Try it today and let us know what you think.

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