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Ding tops-up Liberia in the fight against Ebola

Ding tops-up Liberia in an effort to contain Ebola

Ding, the Economist, the UN, and Harvard maybe not agencies you’d immediately associate with each other but they all have one thing in common; the knowledge that mobile phones are a vital tool in the fight against Ebola.

Every day another article is published on the difference a topped-up phone can make in West Africa. From enabling individuals to communicate with each other, to assisting medical organisations spread vital information the mobile phone plays a key role in preventing the spread of the terrible disease and helping people deal with its consequences.

The spread of Ebola is becoming more difficult to contain and at the root of the problem is a lack of understanding of the disease such as symptoms and contagion. This especially impacts people in rural communities. As is widely reported, good communications are critical in building awareness of the disease and sharing preventative tips with a wide audience.

Something that brought this home to us here at Ding was the story of one of our loyal customers, Marvin Davis who is currently working as an aid worker in Liberia says: “the top-up goes a long way to obtaining useful information – allowing us regularly call hospitals and update others in rural regions on vital medical information.”

That is what we are passionate about at Ding - we want to play our part in helping people, no matter where they are, get the most out of their mobile phone.

Since its inception in 2006, Ding has built a unique technology to allow people who have moved abroad to work to send top-up directly to the mobile phones of their loved ones back home. We enable the global Diaspora, a population of over 250 million to send support home to friends and families in over 130 countries.

It was not until the 2010 when the deadly Haiti earthquake hit that we realised the full impact of the network we had built. With much of Haiti destroyed, any sort of communication to the island was practically impossible. Distraught family members were able to send Ding top-up to mobile phones in Haiti from anywhere in the world not only making sure their loved ones were safe but also allowing them to use the credit to source shelter and clean water.

Since then it has become clear what a vital role Ding can play in times of crisis and that’s why we’re passionate about playing our part in the fight against Ebola. So we are urging everyone, especially the West African Diaspora to help improve communications by sending top-up directly to the phones of loved ones in Liberia and Guinea.


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