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3 stories, 2 phones, 1 gift of love: Customer Stories

A collection of stories from our customers

Who are you? We Really Want to Know!

Who are you - where do you live and why do you use Ding top-up?

We’d love to hear your stories about using Ding. So far we have heard wonderful stories about how top-up is changing lives in big and small ways. Every time you share your story you create a lot of smiles around the Ding headquarters.

Many of our stories are from people living apart from the ones they love the most. And here at Ding we do everything we can to help them feel close.

Emma Brown

Emma found joy in a beach-bum puppy on the sandy beaches of Cuba. But how did this dog top-up her life? 
She was able to adopt him with the help of some brilliant strangers. 
She topped them up and they helped her get the loveable canine home to Canada. It seems that Emma has found her own puppy love! 


Miguel and Isabel

Have you ever reconnected with an old fling- what about your old husband or wife?
It was young Cuban love for Miguel and Isabel. They wed in 1994, it was 1999 when they divorced and 2011 when they feel in love again. That’s some timeline. Isabel and Miguel say because of the power of Ding he and Isabel can plan to marry… again- “this time for good”. We couldn’t be happier for the couple.


MC and Hannah

We have some amazing people who use Ding and these are just two of them.
Everyday Hannah and MC put their own lives at risk for others. Hannah lives and works in Liberia while MC is a fire fighter- both everyday heroes.
Using Ding has made a difference to their lives. They can instantly update each other even though they are oceans apart.


We love to spread smiles – one Ding at a time
Do you have any stories that you would like to share with us? Email them to

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