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Love on the line: Karen and Christian's Story

Love in Mexico

Christian was on a visit to Colombia as an exchange student back in 2008 when he met Karen. The two instantly hit it off and it wasn't long before the pair fell in love. But their blossoming romance was cut short when Christian had to return to home to Mexico. Determined not to nip their relationship in the bud, Karen and Christian vowed to keep in contact.

But they soon realised the difficulties of long-distance communication. Speaking about their relationship, Christian had the following to say "we tried to keep in touch but it wasn't easy, especially communicating frequently." And because of this, Karen and Christian drifted apart.

But in 2014, something remarkable happened. After years of being apart the two got back in touch and decided to give their relationship another try. Christian now talks to Karen on a daily basis and their communication difficulties are a thing of the past."Thanks to tools like ding, we are talking and in touch every single day, we travel to see each other, try our best to make it work and have plans for the long run." 

"Besides destiny, a good part of our success this second time around are tools like ding, so you guys can consider yourselves accomplices of destiny in uniting two people who have been in love for years but only recently had all the elements needed to fulfil their love."

The big difference in their story this time around was Ding. We don't like to toot our own horn, but Ding provides an unrivalled top-up service that allows couples like Karen and Christian keep in touch. But we only provide the connection, it's up to you to make the stories.

And if you have a story you'd like to share with us you can email Who knows, it might just be our next big feature in the Ding community section.

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