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Best dads ever! Father’s Day stories to melt your heart

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Any dad will tell you that everything changes once a baby arrives.

Priorities shift, outlooks are unequivocally altered and it becomes obvious that fatherly duty means doing everything you can to ensure the best possible life for your family.

This can mean everything from teaching your child to ride a bike to spending most of your life in another country working to make sure that they have everything they need; there is nothing too big or too small when it comes to being a dad.

Here at Ding, we hear inspiring stories everyday about how people around the world are supporting their loved ones no matter what the obstacle. 

Dad Dedication

For example there’s Tiwaker from Malaysia, who spends nine months of every year working aboard a ship to provide for his family back home.

There is also Gary, a US dad who spends 90% of his time worrying about his daughter, Christy, who works in the Peace Corps in Benin.

“She’s living in a small town with no running water or electricity and she’ll be there for about 27 months.

“She's in a small apartment with cinder block walls, concrete floors and a corrugated steel roof that thunders when it rains.”

Though Gary can’t be there to help Christy through the hard times, he makes sure he is always available to talk by keeping her phone topped-up with mobile credit. 

Anything to help

Gary is just one example of dads who do their best to be there, even if they can’t physically be there. Jesus lives in Mexico but his son Adriano lives in Cuba with his mum.

Adriano is unfortunately plagued with serious brain tumors that affects his body growth. Though Jesus is in the process of trying to move to Cuba, in the meantime he does all he can to assist despite the distance.

“The hardest part is not being able to help his mother with his hospital care. She spends most of the year in hospital and sleeps on a kind of living-room sofa.”

“The only not too expensive way to communicate daily is through Ding so he can connect on Wi-Fi spots at the hospital. The possibility of speaking to him every day keeps me going.”

Dads going the distance

Adriano joins huge numbers of dads around the world who are forced to live thousands of miles away from their loved ones. When the economy of El Salvador took a turn for the worse in the late 90s, Sifredo was forced to seek out better opportunities abroad.

Having worked in the US for seventeen years to support his wife and two sons back home, he knows more than anyone the lengths any dad will go to so that their children have the best chance.

Similarly, when Dick’s son Scott traveled to Cuba to study, he had no idea how difficult it would be to stay in touch.

“Scott’s phone requires that all services be prepaid so each month he has to put about $30 USD on the phone.

“To do this in Havana would require him to go to a phone, wait in line and then use his own money to purchase minutes. This is an issue faced by all American students in Cuba.

However, in true dad form, Gary solved the issue by using Ding which allowed him to send credit directly to Scott’s phone making life for his son abroad a lot easier.

Adopted dads

And then there are people who assume the role of a dad even when they did not have to. Twenty years ago, Dave became neighbors with a young Honduran boy named German.

Almost by accident he found himself becoming an important figure in the boys’ life.

“The school called one day and told me my son needed money for some shop class project. I told them that I had no children. They said German had put me down as father.

“I talked to him and he said he had no dad so I was elected. We traveled to Honduras several times together.”

Fast forward twenty years and Dave now owns a successful coffee farm in Honduras which German, now 31, runs with his family.

“Since German’s cousins had small one or two-acre coffee farms already, we decided to give it ago. We now have 10 acres of mature trees and 60 acres of young coffee trees.”

If there is one thing Ding knows, it is that family means everything and the dedication of dads all over the world drives us to make sure we provide a brilliant service.

This Father’s Day, why not spend precious moments with your one-of-a-kind dad no matter where he is in the world. Send a mobile recharge with Ding.

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