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Coming soon… A new way to experience Ding

Homescreen of the new Ding app for iOS and Android

At Ding we’re committed to giving you the very best top-up experience online. It’s our mission to ensure you can send top-up as quickly as possible to your loved ones around the world. The faster you can send top-up, the faster you can get in touch with those you care about.

We’ve been thinking a lot about how we can improve the existing Ding web and app experience to ensure you enjoy the best online top-up service available.

We're almost ready to reveal these new changes to build and improve on how we deliver top-up for our users around the world.

From next week you'll be able to download a new and improved version of the Ding app for Android and iPhone.

What's new?

  • Brand new look and feel to the app
  • Faster top-ups to your friends and family
  • Easier re-sends to those you care about
  • Easier access to the latest promotions 


screenshot of the new Ding app


New website experience

Alongside our new app, we will be rolling out some changes to the look and feel of our website to give a fresher experience when you send a top-up. It will be the same Ding you know and love, but we’ve taken your feedback to make it even better.

Top-ups will be sent faster, and in fewer steps so connecting with your loved ones has never been easier.

How do I get it?

The new app will be available to all our users from early next week. If you have auto-updates enabled on your phone, the app will automatically switch over to the new version, you’ll just need to log back into your account to get started.

You can enable auto updates for your apps by selecting the settings option within the Play Store on Android and under the settings icon on iPhone.

We aren’t stopping there though. You’ll see great new features and updates in future and we’ll continue to offer you the best top-up experience available.


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