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Finding love in Cuba: Alan's Story

Alan Banks - Cuba - Havana

‘It was just a week in Cuba with the lads.’ Alan Banks says, as he begins the story of a “holiday fling” that would change his life.

‘She was a vision in that striking pink dress. I spotted her from across the street.’

The group of Irish men had just landed in Havana for a weekend in the sun. Alan sheepishly approached the beautiful Rosalina and asked her to meet him that evening. “No” she protested. But with Alan’s charm and a bit of Irish luck, he was able to persuade the beauty into a date that evening.

“We only had three more days in Cuba before heading back to Ireland,” but Alan spent his spare minutes swooning Rosalina and promised he would to be back to visit her again.

His friends laughed and Rosalina was also skeptical, but Alan, true to his word, returned four weeks later and then for the next nine years he frequently travelled to Cuba to meet Rosalina.

Although there is 5000 miles separating the two, Alan and Rosalina did not let the distance come between them. The couple used Ding to stay in touch and keep their relationship strong. Finally, in 2009 the couple wed in Cuba- planning the celebrations over the phone. “Ding has made our relationship a reality.” says Alan.

Alan and Rosalina married in Rosalina’s small home town, about 70 km outside of Havana. The friends who once joked about Alan’s persistence were there to congratulate the happy newlyweds.

We caught up with Alan this year he was delighted to tell us that Rosalina’s Irish Visa had been approved and the couple were finally be able to start a life in Alan’s home in Dublin (Ireland). We couldn’t be happier for the couple, and we feel so lucky that they were able to share their story with us!

Watch Alan tell his story in the video below and see The Ding Effect in action!

Have you connected with someone special using Ding? Leave a comment below and share your story!

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