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Keeping in touch after the big move: Akua's story

The move was tough on the family and was made harder by the difficulties which they had communicating. “A big problem which we had was staying in touch. We tried to keep in touch using lots of different platforms.”

The tools which they tried to use to connect proved ineffective.“Skype would fail more often than not. WhatsApp was good for texting but not great for keeping a continuous conversation. Viber was horrible as it frequently lost connection.”

What the family wanted was a way to have full conversations without interruption. “We just couldn’t find a way to have lengthy, meaningful updates or to just get in touch with each other without the use of a laptop.”

 As a close family, the lack of communication began to take its toll. In order to top-up his phone to call his father, Akua would have to walk to his local store which was ten miles from his home.

 “My dad and I began to explore ways to send credit to my phone and we found Ding. In just a few short minutes, we could call each other.”

 Since Akua and his father found Ding, things have changed for the better. “Now we talk almost every day and honestly, it really has been thanks to the way Ding has revolutionised top-up. You can move credit to your phone in a quick, convenient and efficient way.”

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