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A Cuban Love Story: Eliza's Story

A Cuban Love Story

Looking back on her time in school, Eliza recalls a very important lesson which she learned. Her teachers had told her “you need to offer the best of yourself to others”. This message was what inspired her to travel from her home in Mexico to Cuba in 2003 to work with local charities.

On her trip she met Rodrigo, a native Cuban man and fellow volunteer, who took Eliza under his wing. He became a second father to her, showing her local Cuban bars and attractions, far away from the tourist traps.

Through Rodrigo, Eliza met Dennis, another Cuban man who was helping to refurbish Rodrigo’s house. There was an instant sparks between Eliza and Dennis. He took her to restaurants and bars, and showed her the best places to take photographs, something which Eliza was very passionate about.

They spent the remainder of Eliza’s trip together, relaxing and taking in the Cuban sunset. When Eliza returned home, she was determined to keep the love alive and this is how she found out about Ding. Eliza used Ding to send top-up to Dennis and in her words “Each call and message take me back to the island”. It has been 8 long years since Eliza first visited Cuba. Little did she know at the time, but it would be a trip that would change her life forever.

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