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5 Ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

5 Ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

The annual Cinco de Mayo celebrations will be taking place May 5 across the globe. To help you prepare, we have put together 5 simple ways that you can celebrate wherever you are in the world. 

1. Taste Mexican food

From salsa to burritos to guacamole to tacos, there is a huge variety of delicious Mexican food out there waiting for you to try! (We especially love this simple guacamole recipe)

2. Learn the history

Did you know that Cinco de Mayo celebrates the victory of the Mexican army over the French in 1862? With a much smaller army, and with the French reputation as the greatest military power in the world at the time, Mexico was certainly an underdog. But they prevailed, defeating the French.

Pinatas are a traditional part of Mexican celebrations. They are containers made of papier-mâché that are filled with treats such as sweets and toys. Participants of the game are blindfolded, spun around and given a stick to strike the piñata to release the treats inside. This tradition is a great group activity!

4. Host a party

Did you know that Cinco de Mayo is bigger in the United States than it is in Mexico? Cinco de Mayo is an important celebration of Mexican heritage which is especially relevant for the diaspora globally. In New York and LA, annual parades are held to celebrate the day. If you can’t make it to one of these, invite some friends around and celebrate together.

5. Dance to Mexican music

Mexican music is known for its upbeat tempo and use of maracas and guitars. It is widely available everywhere from YouTube to Spotify. The Jarabe is considered the national dance of Mexico and is commonly known as ‘Mexican hat dance’ in English. Why not put on some music and try to learn some of the rhythmic dance moves?

Whatever you do this Cinco de Mayo, the simplest (and in our opinion) best way to celebrate is to take some time with your family. Family is a very important part of Mexican Culture. You could try to incorporate some of the tips above and arrange a get-together. If you can’t see your family, you could simply call or text them to let them know you care.

We work with operators in Mexico such as Movistar, Telcel and Alo, so make sure your family's phones are recharged this Cinco de Mayo with Ding.



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