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Changing the world, one Ding at a time.

We’re on a mission to make top-up and Ding global. It’s an action packed adventure that involves rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck into high volumes of work every day.


    The work we all do here at Ding is interesting. Ask the Tech bunch….they are constantly challenged by in-house development and complex technology. We’ve created the market in which we operate so that means we regularly come across challenges that we’ve never seen before. That’s why having people who can think on their feet and enjoy problem solving is so important to us.

  • Ding Foosball

    New products, revenue milestones, birthdays, work anniversaries, weddings…………these are just some of the reasons for Ding celebrations. Be prepared to have a bit of fun here.
    But your time outside of Ding is important too. Everyone needs to have a life outside work. So if you’re off for dinner before the box office smash hit, want to get a spin class in before work, need to get out to see your kid’s school play then that’s what the flexible working hours are all about. It’s an honour system. There’s no clocking in and out. We’re grown-ups after all so we trust you’re not gonna muck it up for your team mates.

  • Ding Tech Team

    Our biggest team here at Ding is our tech team, made up of 66 individuals. They spend their days building systems that are visible globally. Our engineering process focuses on continuous integration, test and delivery with an emphasis on frequent releases, but always maintaining quality. You not only get to work with up to date and complex technology but you’ve the opportunity to work with more than 1.3 million lines of active code. And if that wasn’t attractive enough we’re currently at the early stages of a massive investment in transitioning to Kanban so there never has been a better time to join the Tech team.

  • Ding Barista

    So for all of you stuck in stuffy professional service firms, ditch the corporate suits and the formalities. For all of you stuck in those trendy tech firms, walking past empty sleep pods, wondering did you miss the day in college when you were taught to ride a Segway and for all of you looking for a place where you can be you, where you can engage in meaningful work in a company filled with interesting and complex technology…………do something!
    See if we’ve got a role that suits you now and if we don’t please get in touch. You can always pop in and meet the People team. We’ll show you around, you can get a feel for the place and then whenever we’ve got a suitable role, you’ll feel like you already know the place.

Put simply, its hard work and fun!

So don’t just take our word for it, hear what
a few of the team have to say about life at Ding.


"My favourite part of working at Ding is getting to work with a diverse group of people from a variety of backgrounds. Our team includes people from Cuba, Jordan, India, Pakistan, El Salvador and of course Ireland! It’s a great environment and even though we are a global company, it feels like a close knit family!”. Leslie, Brand & Communications Manager


“As a Product Manager, I get to work with fantastic teams ensuring the best technology and putting the customer’s needs first keeps us as a market leader. Ding embrace their employees desire to grow, I started my Ding career as an Executive Assistant to the COO!” Rachel, Product Manager


"I’m with the company over 5 years. We’ve a great team and I love having the opportunity to try out new technologies.” Micheál, Data Warehouse Developer

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