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Changing the world, one Ding at a time.

All around the world Ding team members are working away to help people who work abroad to support their loved ones back home. Ding makes it easy for these people to make small, practical gestures by mobile phone. We’ve currently got homes in seven locations around the world.

  • Dublin

  • Dublin Office
  • This is Dings head office with 150 of our team members calling Dublin home. Located in the heart of the city (Ballsbridge), the office’s central location means that it’s easily accessible by Dart and bus.
    We also have a shower facility for the more energetic cyclists and runners amongst the team. With such a central location it’s easy to top-up your day with lots of after work activities; a Ding night out in the pub, a cookery course, gym classes, theatre or dinner in one of Dublin’s many fantastic restaurants.

  • Barcelona

  • Barcelona Office
  • Barcelona, nestled between the sea and the mountains, is an enviable location for an office and is currently home to our European Wholesale team.
    Located in the heart of Europe, this Spanish location means that the team can easily visit all of our European distributors. Our Barcelona team also pop back to Dublin for regular catch ups and there are many in our Dublin office only dying to get an invite to visit!

  • Bucharest

  • Bucharest Office
  • Romanian legend has it that Bucharest was founded on the banks of the Dambovita River by a shepherd name Bucur, whose name literally means “joy.”
    How apt for our newest office which has opened in this bustling location. It is currently home to key members of our Technology team

  • Dhaka

  • Dhaka Office
  • Located in the bustling heart of Bangladesh, our team in Dhaka provide vital Financial and Technical support to the rest of the organisation.
    They are the quiet stalwarts who keep an eye on the website 24 hours a day to ensure that there are no issues.

  • Dubai

  • Dubai Office
  • This is Dings second largest office and is located in the Dubai Airport Free Zone.
    Over the years we’ve had many team members relocate to Dubai where the endless sunshine, tax free living and great social life has proved too much of a temptation to resist. Our Dubai office is predominantly filled by our Wholesale and Operator team members.

  • Miami

  • Miami Office
  • Yet another Ding office blessed with year round sunshine. We fear that visitors from the Dublin office may decide never to come back!
    Our office in Miami is centrally located in the vibrant Miami Lakes area. Our US Wholesale team are based here and are joined by colleagues in Philadelphia and New Jersey.

  • San Salvador

  • San Salvador
  • Located in El Salvador’s capital, our South American office is home to some of our Operator team who along with their colleagues in Dublin and Dubai work exceptionally hard to maintain and expand our direct relationship with over 300 mobile operators worldwide.

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