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What I like most about working at Ding...
aside from the people...
no two days are ever the same! Jenny, Assistant to CEO & Administration Manager

  • Life changing

    What we do isn’t life saving, but it’s life changing. We’re boosting the power of the mobile in countries where cost is stopping people from making the most of their phone. By keeping their mobiles topped up, Ding is making a real difference to people’s lives.
    It’s too important a service to be unreliable so we can’t fail. We make a difference in people’s lives every day. In fact, we make a difference in millions of people’s lives every year. Now, isn’t that the type of company you’d be proud to work for?

  • This is no regular 9-5

    Ding is currently providing 200 people the opportunity to top-up their careers every day. If you’re looking for a regular 9-5 role then this isn’t the place for you. If you want lots of challenges, a long to do list and plenty of opportunities then we’re your kind of place.
    Like our service, we’re all super fast and super reliable. We’ve worked hard to build relationships with 360 mobile phone operators in 130 countries that support over 4 billion phones. No one else has done that before. We’re also industry leaders in tricky stuff like fraud protection.

  • Topping up your day

    If you’re lucky enough to join the team, you’ll get to work in a great office environment without a gimmicky music room or sleep area but with truly spectacular coffee. But that’s where the comparison with funky tech companies ends.
    At Ding you’re not a number; you’re a person. We get to know all our staff…not just your names but what you’re really like. We’ve 28 different nationalities, over 30 different teams and 200 different personalities.
    Knowing all this we don’t give our staff generic benefits. Instead, from the day you join, we’ll give you Ding dollars and you then choose what you want to buy with them; healthcare, pension or gym membership. And the longer you spend at Ding, the more dollars we’ll give you.
    And the best bit……we don’t hire schmucks, only team players with a sense of fun.