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What I like most about working at Ding...
aside from the people...
no two days are ever the same! Jenny, Assistant to CEO & Administration Manager

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    Put simply we’re not like other firms. We’re Ding.
    We are made up of 28 different nationalities, working in over 30 teams with over 203 unique personalities. We’ve got our techies, our data wizards, our friendly customer care members, our number crunching financiers…… you name it, they’re here. We’ve all got our individual quirks, eccentricities and mannerisms. It’s this combination of personalities, skills and nationalities that has got us to where we are today and is propelling us forward.

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    No two days are ever the same at Ding. We put an emphasis on results, not politics because let’s be honest, that’s what we all prefer. True team players are the norm with a fun vibe and a genuine willingness to help out their colleagues.
    Ding pretty soon becomes your second family (not your second home…..we don’t want you here all the time!). We don’t just care about the skills you bring with you to the table or what you achieve for the Company. We do actually care about you. Hence everyone here isn’t treated like a number. We take the time to get to know you and what makes you tick.

  • Ding Careers Topup Bar

    We’re all about you owning your own development. Just because you’re currently on the Product team doesn’t mean you can’t join the Online Marketing team next week. In fact someone already did. You figure out where you want to take your career and we do our best to get you there.
    Everyone is approachable no matter if they’re a recent grad or a C-Level member. You can grab anyone and pop to the Top-up bar for a coffee and run an idea past them, pick their brains or just have a catch up about your weekend.

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