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Access for Good

At Ding, our purpose is to accelerate mobile access for the world’s diaspora – we know the power of top-up and play our part in fuelling the world’s mobile phones. As part of Ding’s desire to provide access – we have decided to go one step further and launch our ‘Access for Good Programme’, which will see us partnering with some extraordinary charities around the world in order to donate to provide access to life changing things such as education, equality, and healthcare.

This philanthropic endeavour, will see Ding donate a cent from every online top-up completed and our users will be instrumental in deciding how the money gets put to work.

The ‘Access for Good Programme’ gets underway in early 2019 and we look forward to sharing stories here of where Ding’s donations will go in the months to come.

Together with our users, we hope to improve the lives of individuals, and communities around the world.

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